BREAKING: Brexit Votes Counted, England Has Decided To…….


They have voted to Leave EU. Details below.

Thursday, the United Kingdom voted voted on whether or not the island nation would remain part of the European Union or leave it. The Brexit movement argues that the UK’s membership in the EU is damaging to the nation’s economy and national sovereignty. Those who support staying in the EU argue that leaving will weaken the UK both in terms of the nation’s economy and security.  After a long hard-fought campaign, the results are in

Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to hold the vote as part of his election campaign though he was strongly in favor of the United Kingdom staying in the EU.  In addition to the wide-ranging ramifications of the UK leaving the EU, it is also unlikely that Cameron will win re-election if the UK votes to leave.

According to the Guardian,there was a very high turnout. In terms of demographics, it looks like younger voters tended to support remaining in the EU where as most of those in favor of leaving were older voters.

Those voters who favored leaving the EU cited concerns over sovereignty, immigration and trade. Those who are concerned over immigration tend to favor leaving the EU as that would give the UK more power to control immigration. Closely linked to concerns over immigration is the issue of sovereignty. Those who are in favor of leaving the EU argue that European Commission and European Court of Justice have too much power over the UK’s law.

In terms of trade deals, those who support leaving the EU cite a lack of trade deals with developing nations such as China or India. On the other hand, those who want the UK to remain part of the EU point out that 44 percent of the UK’s trade is with other EU nations. This could be a major problem if the Brexit movement is victorious since it is likely that the remaining EU nations will want to make it clear that leaving the EU has consequences. It is unlikely that any renegotiated trade deals will be as favorable as the current ones.

Ultmately, today has been a historical moment for the UK and it’s isolationist movements in other EU nations have been watching this referendum very closely.