JUST IN: New Clinton Vs Trump North Carolina Poll Results Are NOT Normal For A Red State (STATS)


In the past two presidential elections, North Carolina was the second most competitive state and a new poll shows that it could be equally as close this time around. The new poll, released by Public Policy Polling, shows that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied at 43 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson Gary Johnson is polling at 4 percent followed by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

As mentioned above, both Trump and Clinton are tied, but that is partially due to Johnson. When asked to choose between only Clinton or Trump, the GOP nominee gained 48 percent of the vote compared to Clinton’s 46 percent. On a generic presidential ballot, 47 percent of those surveyed said they would vote for a Republican as opposed to the 45 percent that said they would vote Democratic.  Johnson is only polling at four percent, but he’s clearly pulling support away from the GOP nominee.

As has been the norm this election cycle, both candidates suffer from rather high unfavorablity ratings. Trump has a disapproval rating of 52 percent whereas Clinton is currently sitting at 55 percent. This is actually one of the few polls where Clinton has a higher disapproval rating than her opponent.

One of the most important things a nominee can do is unify the party and that’s something that is giving Clinton a bit of trouble after her long fought battle with Bernie Sanders. Among registered Democrats Clinton leads Trump 79 to 12. But the really interesting part is that she’s only getting 74 percent of the vote from former Sander’s supporters. However, that might actually be good news for Clinton as it leaves her some room to grow because it’s likely many of Sander’s supporters will vote for her this November.

As for registered Republicans, Trump leads Clinton 86 to five so while his party is more united, it also means that he has less room to grow than Clinton. Though once again, a lot of Trump’s success will depend on whether or not he can win Johnson’s supporters to his cause.

Aside from the presidential election, this poll also revealed some other interesting facts about North Carolina’s politics. Fifty-six percent of North Carolina voters believe that the Senate should hold confirmation hearings to fill Antonin Scalia’s seat. The Republican controlled Senate is currently refusing to hold hearings until after November’s election.

In terms of gun control, it looks like a majority of the people of North Carolina support stronger gun control.  Eighty-five percent of voters believe that a background check should be required for everyone who wants to purchase a gun, 81 percent support  banning those on the terrorist watch list from buying guns, and 52 percent support a nationwide ban on assault weapons.

Finally, 73 percent of voters surveyed support some form of increase in the minimum wage though the exact amount varied. This is good news for Clinton who has vowed to fight for a $12 minimum wage whereas Trump has said he won’t raise the minimum wage. However, Trump has recently backed away from that statement.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons under GNU Free Documentation License.