BREAKING: At Least 15 People Are Dead After Armed Gunmen Storm Hotel, Active Scene (IMAGES)


At least 15 people are dead this morning after a deadly terror attack at a hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia. The attack began with a massive explosion right outside the hotel gates when a suicide bomber detonated a vehicle after parking.

After the explosion, armed terrorists invaded the hotel, killing and taking prisoners. Witnesses report terrorists randomly shooting any hotel guests or staff they came in contact with.


The armed mass murderers took a military-like approach to ensure they were not captured in a timely manner. The group posted snipers on the hotel roof to kill any law enforcement that may be rushing to the aid of the injured, or attempting to shoot down the gunmen.

Islamic terrorist organization Al Shabab has already claimed full responsibility for the brutal act. CNN reported that most of the victims were people inside the hotel and passersby who were shopping or filling up at a nearby gas station.

Police captain Capt. Mohamed Hussein said that at least two attackers had been killed, and that they:

“took positions behind blast walls and sandbags; fighting is still ongoing.”


The target of the attack was the Nasa-Hablod hotel in Somalian capitol of Mogadishu where at least 11 additional people were rushed to an area hospital with injuries following this deadly attack. According to New York Daily News:

“The Somalia-based, Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab has been waging a deadly insurgency across large parts of Somalia and often employs suicide car bomb attacks to penetrate heavily fortified targets in Mogadishu and elsewhere.”

“In early June, an overnight siege by extremist gunmen at another hotel in the capital killed at least 15 people, including two members of parliament. Al Shabab claimed responsibility for that attack.”

This is actually a holy time for Muslims, as they celebrate the religious tradition of Ramadan. Unfortunately, Muslims extremists use this holiday as an excuse to commit atrocious acts of brutal violence in the name of God. The spike in terror attacks around this time of year is not uncommon.