Fox News Peddles WILD Conspiracy Blaming President Obama For Britains Exit From EU (QUOTES/VIDEO)


Thanks, Obama. Apparently, it is the president’s fault that Brexit aka Britain’s Exit from the European Union [EU] happened Friday. At least, Fox News co-hosts of “The Five” are saying so, and the show also hinted broadly that President Obama caused the meteoric stock market drop that hit Great Britain, then rode into the U.S. on a tsunami of fear.

Never mind that President Obama is the president of the United States, not prime minister of Great Britain. Never mind that our president cannot operate the British government like a remote puppet. Never mind that President Obama didn’t go into the voting booth with each resident of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Gilbraltar.

Of course, Fox News is trumping for the GOP presumed nominee Donald Trump. So naturally, its employees work hard to downgrade the president’s achievements, and blame him for anything their minds can imagine.

  • Thanks, Obama. We hit the side of the house, backing out of the garage. Pay for that car [and house] repair!
  • Thanks, Obama. Men are wearing thongs to the swimming pools in Kansas City suburbs and shocking families. Ban them!
  • Thanks, Obama. Ice-cream has too many calories, but we like to eat it. So, change the labels to make it calorie-free, Mr. President.

Check out three of the “The Five” show’s co-hosts, Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Juan Williams below as they say a great big, ‘Thanks Obama!”

ERIC BOLLING: K.G., a lot of people say it was all about immigration. They said the U.K. wanted sovereign borders, all about the money on Wall Street today. What is it? Some of both?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE: I think it’s a variety, a complexity of factors involved. I think the immigration piece certainly was powerful, especially in light of all the migrants and the refugees coming in, and it’s more about having ownership and a sense of nationalism, controlling borders, making those decisions for your country in particular versus more of a globalist approach.

BOLLING: My good friend, Juan, here — Nigel Farage, who’s one of the leaders of the leave, exit push —

JUAN WILLIAMS: The Donald Trump of Britain.

BOLLING: OK, well let’s call him that. He’s actually saying that President Obama saying “England get to the back of the queue” in April was part of the reason there were some votes in favor for exiting, so President Obama can also be blamed for the exit as well.

WILLIAMS: Wow. I didn’t know he was that powerful. But if you want to give him that much credit — I don’t think Obama deserves that much attention from the Europeans or the Brits, but I do think that people who have said it was going to have tremendous consequences for on the economic markets, hmm, I guess they were right.

Featured Image: T.J. Hawk via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

H/T: Politicus USA and Media Matters.