Two Adults And Three Children Are Dead After Horrific Amtrack Train Accident (VIDEO)


An Amtrack train carrying 286 people crashed into the side of a van that was loaded to capacity near Trinidad, Colorado Sunday morning. The impact killed five out of the six passengers in the vehicle, including the driver.

The five victims include a man, a woman, and three children. According to police reports, a fourth child was the only survivor in the van. That child was airlifted to an area hospital with life threatening injuries. All the nearly 300 passengers and crew aboard the train were unharmed in the accident.

Law enforcement is now reporting that the van was not stopped or stalled on the tracks. It is believed the vehicle failed to give the train the right of way, and was subsequently broadsided on the passenger side.

As of now, this is believed to be a tragic accident. Amtrack reported that the train in question was about halfway through its journey from Chicago to Los Angeles.

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Video courtesy of YouTube: