Paul Ryan Directly Threatens Democrats, Says He ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Another Democratic Sit-In (DETAILS)


Despite President Obama’s tireless efforts to enact adequate gun control legislation in this country, the two-term president has gotten almost nowhere due to strong opposition from House Republicans.

Last week, however, House Democrats made history when they took matters into their own hands and staged a sit-in demanding better gun control laws. The House Democrats stood on the floor for 25 hours before conceding and vowing to continue their fight for stricter gun control legislation off the House floor.

During the sit-in, GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan claimed it was a “political stunt” that the Dems used to garner press attention and campaign donations:

This week, however, he’s taking a tougher stance, telling WISN’s UpFront With Mike Gousha:

‘We will not take this. We will not tolerate this.’

His comments were a warning to Democrats about trying to launch a similar sit-in on the House floor after the Fourth of July recess.

Ryan went on to call the sit-in “a low moment for the people’s house.” He even insinuated that Democrats were using the Orlando tragedy to advance their political agendas:

‘That’s a shame, and they are doing it off a tragedy.’

In another interview, Ryan told WGTD radio in Wisconsin:

‘We got maybe an hour heads up. [Democrats] said they were hoping to get arrested and hauled off the floor. They told a number of my staff that.’

According to The Hill, House Democrats will not be tolerating inaction on behalf of the GOP. Dems are reportedly planning further action following the holiday recess if House Republicans don’t agree to a vote.

Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), told The Hill:

‘The American people will not tolerate Speaker Ryan continuing to surrender the gavel to the National Rifle Association.’

Hammill went on:

‘It’s time for Speaker Ryan to end the obstruction and allow a vote on bipartisan, commonsense gun legislation that will save lives.’

It will be interesting to see how things unfold following the recess. But as each day passes, it seems that House Democrats are becoming more fed-up with Congress’s inability to act while thousands of innocent lives hang in the balance.

Featured Image is a screengrab via Twitter.