BREAKING: GOP Senator Stuns Colleagues, Voices Support Of Hillary Clinton Over Trump (DETAILS)


It looks like a few members of the GOP may be coming around to Hillary Clinton’s cause. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME), for example, says she is open to the possibility of supporting the Democratic presumptive nominee in her bid for the presidency. According to an interview on former Obama advisor David Axelrod’s podcast, Collins said that she respects Clinton, despite having “very different philosophies” when it comes to governance.

Collins dropped the news on an episode of “The Axe Files,” where she told Axelrod about her experience working beside Clinton in the U.S. Senate, in the midst of much thoughtful discussion on her rise to the Senate and the partisan division that has infected the country’s legislative branch. She told the host that she had some respect for the former Secretary of State and held her in high regard for what she perceived as a “real effort to reach out to members on the other side of the aisle.”

Collins said that her experience with Clinton was, in fact, quite good:

‘[Clinton worked well with] not just moderates like me, but conservatives as well. She was good to work with, I had a very good relationship with her in the Senate working on Alzheimer’s in particular, but also on some economic development issues.’

Sen. Collins used several glowing adjectives to describe Clinton, calling her “very well-prepared” and “diligent.” She also took a shot at Clinton’s likely opponent, Donald Trump, by criticizing his aggressive labeling of Clinton as “Crooked Hillary.” She elaborated:

‘I don’t like that Donald Trump calls anyone names. I think that that is un-presidential and not worthy of the kind of public discourse that we should have. I think that demeans her accomplishments, and as a woman, I am particularly concerned when someone demeans the accomplishments of a person who has done a lot in her life, even if I don’t agree with that person.’

Collins also told Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker that she would be open to supporting Clinton, although she confessed at the time that she did not anticipate actually voting for her. She told Lizza:

‘I’m not going to say never, because this has been such an unpredictable situation, to say the least.’

Although she hasn’t committed to any particular candidate yet, Collins said she’d be strongly considering whom to throw her support behind. And the running mates that the candidates pick would have a lot to do with that. She said:

‘I want to just look and see what happens. This evolves daily. There are surprises daily. It’s going to be very important to me who Donald Trump chooses as his running mate. That is arguably the most important decision that a candidate can make. And I’ll be very interested to see who Hillary chooses.’

Collins carries across the clear impression of being the level-headed type of person that the U.S. Senate could use a few more of.

Listen to Axelrod’s full interview here. Collins’ commentary on Clinton starts around the 20 minute mark.

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