Homeland Security Secretary GOES OFF On Ted Cruz, Humiliates Him In Front Of ENTIRE World (VIDEO)


Ted Cruz went off on Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson at a Thursday hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee, accusing him of willingly turning a blind eye to terror threats.

Cruz’s evidence for his claim was that supposedly the Department of Homeland Security, along with other parts of the Obama Administration, has made it a policy to avoid references to Islam when discussing terror threats to America.

Johnson passed off Cruz’s notion, which included that all references to Islam were “purged” from government materials on terrorism, and Johnson reportedly indicated that he would not be looking into the matter upon the conclusion of the hearing.

According to Cruz and his minions, it is crucial to name the terror Islamic in order to fight it- and in a very sickening way, he is correct.

Secretary Johnson himself can lend some comments to help explain why.

At Thursday’s meeting, he said, as reported by Dallas News, speaking to Cruz’s insistence at the term “Islamic terrorism”:

‘This is all very interesting, makes for good political debate, but in practical terms, if we in our efforts here in the homeland start giving the Islamic State the credence that they want to be referred to as part of Islam, or some form of Islam, we will get nowhere in our efforts to build bridges with the Muslim community.’

Exactly. The conflict Cruz is so eager to fight by using the term Islamic terrorism will be one that he creates by burning any and all bridges between Muslims, American and otherwise, and the official apparatus of the United States government.

Cruz, of course, had a firing off ready and waiting. He replied to Johnson, saying that the lack of references to Islam paralyzed the FBI- which he incorrectly termed as part of the “Obama Administration”- from taking action against preparations for terror that were undertaken in the supposed context of Islam.

What Cruz did of course not note is that the only paralyzing forces in the fight against terror are the ones that Cruz and his allies advocate for so strongly, such as their refusal to support legislation that would keep weapons out of the hands of individuals on the United States terror watch list.

Below, you can watch the sparring match from Thursday on tape, via YouTube.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.