EXCLUSIVE: Music Fans Targeted With Graphic ISIS Propaganda Videos On Twitter (IMAGES)


On Saturday morning, graphic Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda videos started to pop up on the Twitter timelines of Twenty One Pilots fans.

The videos feature, at first, a clip of the band, in one case from their latest music video and in others from concerts. The taglines of the clips consist of praises of the band.

Below is a still from the opening of one of the videos. Tyler Joseph is the name of the band’s front man.

nottyler EXCLUSIVE: Music Fans Targeted With Graphic ISIS Propaganda Videos On Twitter (IMAGES) Terrorism Top Stories

After about 15 seconds of performance footage, the clips cut to ISIS propaganda videos. These propaganda clips, like many of the same from the Islamic State, consist of close ups of violent executions.

The identity or affiliation of the person or persons behind the offending account is not clear.

At one point on Saturday, the account responsible for the clips had an “About Me” section that in other cases would indicate a spam or bot account, advertising a link at which one could “buy” Twitter followers.

However, as news of the clips spread on Twitter, the account changed its “About Me” to what you can see below.

rileyxd3 EXCLUSIVE: Music Fans Targeted With Graphic ISIS Propaganda Videos On Twitter (IMAGES) Terrorism Top Stories

A reverse Google search for the profile image leads to the final video of a YouTuber known as xJawz, posted some 8 months ago.

The videos being tweeted by the account are clearly someone’s personal work, ruling out some kind of bot, but that “someone” is still a mystery.

While the motives for the videos remain unclear, they also remain potent digital ISIS propaganda in the tradition set by the terror group throughout its rise to global prominence.

A spokesperson for the European Union Twenty One Pilots fan organization spoke exclusively to Bipartisan Report about the situation.

The spokesperson, using their first name, Andrea, spoke to a similar reaction that has been seen elsewhere, saying:

‘I really see [those videos] as really disgusting and I feel sad and angry at the same time. I don’t know how somebody can “joke” with something like that, something [that makes] you feel scared and angry. I just can’t understand somebody like that.’

Some fans have tried to interact with the account and ask for the videos to be taken down. These fans have been met with responses from dozens of accounts defending the videos as “humor.”

Although one fan from the United Kingdom who said she was “shocked” echoed many fans’ sentiments that the videos should be removed, the account is still up and running as of early Saturday evening, even in the face of many reports to Twitter about the offending content.

Fan organization accounts have asked followers to block and report the account, and one tweeted frustration at why the account is still active:


Fans echoed similar sentiments.

Twitter has reportedly shut down hundreds of thousands of ISIS-affiliated accounts in the past months. However, although the exact affiliation of the user responsible for the videos is unclear, this account, which is spreading ISIS propaganda far and wide, is still up and running.

Twenty One Pilots is an alternative music duo from Ohio, currently on their “Emotional Roadshow” world tour.

Featured Image is via Wikipedia Commons user Yilmaazaleyna, and is available under a Creative Commons License.