JUST IN: Republican Leader Forced To Resign After ‘Liking’ Racist Obama Meme On Facebook (IMAGE)


Linda Sorenson is now the former chairperson of the Delta County, Colorado, Republican Party, having resigned after posting to her Facebook page the sickeningly racist meme you can see below.

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In conclusion to the phrase, “I’ll be damned…,” the bottom of the meme includes the line of text, “Reagan used to babysit Obama.”

Sorensen didn’t go out of her position smoothly, either. First, she claimed that her Facebook page had been hacked. State party chairperson Steve House shot down that claim, however, asserting that Sorensen’s excuse — and maybe wish — wasn’t true.

After that excuse was shot down, Sorensen — sort of — admitted to posting the image. The context of her “confession” was while speaking to a “liberal blogger,” as she called the person, a writer from Big Media Blog.

She angrily told the blogger, “I really don’t care if people are offended by it. Un-friend me. Stop looking at me on Facebook.”

Such sentiments are far from unique to a rogue party chairperson in Colorado. The Donald Trump candidacy has brought out of the closet and into the same pen all of the many, many members of the Republican party who would let out a sickening chuckle at the meme Sorensen posted.

A recently-released and hardly surprising poll from Reuters/ Ipsos shows that supporters of Trump have some of the most racist viewpoints about African Americans of any presidential candidates’ supporters. Nearly half of them asserted that blacks are “more criminal” and “more lazy” than whites.

After both of Sorensen’s first excuses were discredited as she tried to hold onto her paycheck, she eventually admitted to putting the meme on her Facebook page, and claimed that she “did care” if people were offended. And last Friday, she announced her resignation.

As the Daily Mail reports, Sorensen wasn’t exactly doing a good job as county GOP chair in the first place. Her posting of the meme came as she was already under fire for breaking party regulations by supporting a candidate in the primaries.

‘Party members said Sorenson also urged people to vote for U.S. Senate candidate Daryl Glenn, even though six Republicans were competing for the right to challenge Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet in the June 28 Republican primaries. Under party rules, officials of state and local parties, including their leaders, are not allowed to endorse one primary candidate over another.’

The ordeal over the meme has gone on since last month.

Featured Image is via Marco Schulze on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.