BREAKING: ABC News Makes MAJOR Announcement About Senator Elizabeth Warren (DETAILS)


It’s official! After creating a media firestorm while campaigning with Hillary Clinton last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren is being vetted by the Clinton campaign as a possible choice for Hillary’s Vice Presidential pick.

This would be a wise choice for Clinton, who has a less than favorable track record with many Democratic voters. Warren, a long-time, well-respected member of the party would bring the morals and ethics that are currently lacking in Clinton’s campaign.

Warren herself has come under fire from fellow Democrats and Bernie supporters who can still recall Warren slamming Hillary for her actions in American politics. Warren’s shocking endorsement of Hillary brought an immediate landslide in Warren’s social media followers.

According to a source close to ABC News:

“Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being formally vetted as a possible vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton, according to a source familiar with the process.”

“Warren is not the only contender being formally vetted at this point.”

“The Massachusetts senator, considered a leader among progressives, campaigned with Clinton today for the first time since endorsing her earlier this month.”

If Hillary does choose Warren as her Vice Presidential running mate, this would be the first time in American history that two women shared a ticket to the White House.

Warren says everything that progressive voters have been waiting for Hillary to say. She goes hard on lazy Republicans and Wall Street billionaires – the main talking-points that made Bernie Sanders a force to be reckoned with in the 2016 election.

Warren has spoken out strongly against presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, whom she called a “racist,” a “sexist,” and a “xenophobe.” Warren believes that Hillary Clinton is the only person who can defeat Trump, and therefore, decided to back her, despite past comments like the ones displayed in the video below.

Video courtesy of YouTube: