Hillary Clinton’s Surrogate Goes On Fox News And They IMMEDIATELY Regretted Inviting Him (VIDEO)

Clinton surrogate Rep. Xavier Becerra schools Fox News anchor on Benghazi.


Hillary Clinton surrogates hit the political talk circuit Sunday, including Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-California), who appeared on Fox News Sunday and schooled stand-in host Shannon Bream on Benghazi. Becerra is rumored to be on the presumptive nominee’s vice presidential short list.

Up for debate was Hillary Clinton’s culpability for the four American deaths during the attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. Also covered during the interview were concerns about Clinton’s use of a private email server and FBI investigations currently underway.

The following transcript from Fox News shows Becerra’s slap down of Bream.

During the interview, Bream asked whether the optics of the FBI investigation could become more than a public relations issue and devolve into an ethics issue.

Becerra responded:

‘The fact that the Attorney General, whose integrity is not even in question, has said that she’s going to rely on the recommendations of the FBI investigators, and the career prosecutors at justice, is a clear sign that it won’t be an issue here. because those who are doing the investigation, those who know the facts, are going to make the final call.’

Bream also questioned the congressman about “new” information regarding military assets being held back from Libya that might have changed the outcome at Benghazi. Bream said:

‘We did learn some new things we didn’t know before. There is a story about an account about military assets that were waiting in Spain. they were on a plane for three hours there, they were told four times to change in and out of their uniforms because the State Department was worried about the optics of having Americans in uniform on the streets of Libya.’

‘In the meantime, no military assets were ever sent directly to Benghazi while the attack was unfolding. four Americans died in the process. who’s to blame?’

Rep. Becerra told Bream that there was no “new” information, that the existence of these assets had been disclosed three years ago, and that they had never been earmarked for deployment to Benghazi.

Becerra’s response educated the Fox News anchor:

‘Actually Shannon, that’s not new information. That was disclosed back in 2013. That was out there … we knew that information.

‘The military testified to that and talked about the fact that while there was some sense of disagreement about how to make sure you send out the assets, those assets were going to be sent to Tripoli. not to Benghazi.

‘And the military subsequently made clear that even if they had been sent out, they wouldn’t have made it in time, because they were being directed to Tripoli not to Benghazi.

‘And so, the conclusions of the report … were that there was no way that our military assets could have made it in time … the conclusions of our military was that there was no way to change what happened on the ground because it happened so quickly, was confusing information, and there weren’t enough assets close enough to make a difference.’

Becerra then made an often-overlooked point. The Republican Right is always quick to send our soldiers off to war, but don’t even want to know about the real challenges they face. He went on to tell Bream:

‘I think it’s unfair to blame our military, our troops, and our officers, who did the best they could, to say now that we could have done more.’

‘I think it’s really unfair and doesn’t recognize what our military has to confront…’

‘And I think it unfair to those men and women in uniform who work very hard, sometimes give their lives, to say that it’s their fault they didn’t get there on time. Believe me, from nine investigations, we know that our men and women in uniform tried.’

Watch Rep. Becerra’s full take down of “Fox News Sunday” below:

Video via Fox News

Cover image via Getty Images.