JUST IN: GOP In Shock After Polling Shows This Swing State Is Going Blue In 2016 (DETAILS)


Donald Trump is turning swing states blue. For the first time in 20 years, there are more people who registered Democrat than Republican in Colorado. Trump is like a shark circling a boat full of tourists saying, “Jump in, the water’s fine.” Sure enough, some of them jump in. But more are off-put.

Normally, when a shark eats people, the water turns red, but in Trump’s case, it goes blue. The reason people are going from red to blue lies with Trump’s mouth, from his anti-Semitic attacks and an imitation of a disabled reporter to his lusting after his own daughter.

Trump is just crass, crude, and cruel. He calls Hispanics “rapists and murderers,” and there is a large Hispanic population in some of the most prominent swing states, Colorado included.

A Pew Poll in January said:

‘The Hispanic population in Colorado is the eighth largest in the nation…Colorado’s population is 21 percent Hispanic.’

But it gets worse: 15 percent of the total eligible voters in Colorado are Hispanic:

‘There are 555,000 Hispanic eligible voters in Colorado.’

The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday that it is not just Colorado Democrats Trump needs to worry about, but Republicans, too. Chairman Steve House said:

‘We call it the Frontier State for a reason. There’s a lot of independently minded thinkers out here.’

‘We have a lot of unaffiliated voters for a reason. I think that it’s just that we have delegates who are not convinced he’s the right guy.’

The GOP operatives are saying, according to the Denver Post:

‘His campaign lags Hillary Clinton in organization.’

‘The contrast is most acute with the candidates themselves. Clinton established a beachhead in the Centennial State about 10 months ago.’

‘Trump hired his Colorado state director on Wednesday. The head start gives Clinton an advantage on several fronts — from fundraising to voter registration to data collection.’

In Colorado, Trump told the crowds:

‘We do have to win Colorado. I will be back a lot, don’t worry about it. I will be back a lot.’

He speaks as if returning and saying the same thing over again will help. It won’t.

Check out this video of Trump speaking in Colorado:


Featured Image: IoSonoUnoFotoCamera via Flickr, Creative Commons License.

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