Clinton Hammers Trump With PERFECT ‘Birther’ Joke During Fiery Speech (VIDEO)


President Obama and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton held a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina today. Clinton spoke highly of President Obama and even got in a quick jab at Donald Trump at the same time.

‘I’ve known the president in many roles. As a colleague in the Senate, as an opponent in a hard-fought primary, and the president I was so proud to serve as Secretary of State. But I’ve also known him as the friend that I was honored to stand with in good times and the hard times. Someone who has never forgotten where he came from, and Donald if you’re out there tweeting it is Hawaii.’

The line about Hawaii is, of course, a reference to Trump’s support of the so-called “birther” movement. The “birther” movement, steeped in racism, alleges that President Obama was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii.

For his part, President Obama spoke highly of Clinton, citing her intelligence and resolve.

‘I came away from that primary admiring her even more because during that year-and-a-half, I had a chance to see up close, just how smart she was and just how prepared she was, especially since I debated her a couple dozen times. I saw how even when things didn’t go her way, she’d just stand up straighter and come back stronger.’

President Obama didn’t call out Trump by name, but he did make several references to Trump’s campaign. He also said that this election represented a choice between moving towards the future or clinging to an imaginary past.

‘I know the other guy talks about making America great again. America’s really great. his is a choice between whether we are going to cling to some imaginary past or whether we’re going to reach for the future.’

The president also attacked Trump for being a former reality TV star and implied that the Trump campaign was a matter of style over substance.

‘This is not a reality show. This is not entertainment.’

Support from President Obama, who is still very popular among Democrats, should be a boost to the Clinton campaign, as demonstrated by the crowds at Wednesday’s rally. The event was attended by nearly 10,000 people, making it the largest Clinton campaign event of the season so far.

You can see the entirety of the rally here:

Featured image via Getty Images.