Donald Trump Super PAC Accuses Hillary Clinton Of KKK Ties, Launches (DETAILS)


Between his recent anti-Semitic tweets and constant refrains to build a wall, Donald Trump has little room to accuse anyone of racism. However, a pro-Trump Super PAC, Crippled America, recently put out an ad that attempts to tie Hillary Clinton to the KKK.

Crippled America sent an email to supporters asking for money in order to help Trump defeat Clinton and showing an ad based on the now-debunked Benghazi scandal.

‘The Clinton Cartel and their Super PACs have raised over $50 million this quarter. Donald Trump needs our help to match their donations so we can win this November … Help defeat Crooked Hillary and the #ClintonCartel by giving one of the amounts below.’

The email itself doesn’t say anything about the KKK, but it does link to a site called The site opens with a picture of Clinton being kissed by the late senator Robert Byrd and a caption explaining Byrd’s racist past. The site claims that Byrd was a racist until the day he died, but that is not completely true.

In the 1940s, Byrd was a member of the KKK and even attained a leadership role in the organization. He eventually left the group, though, and became a strong supporter of civil rights, saying he regretted his time in the KKK.

‘I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.’

Unlike a lot of political apologies, Byrd’s was a sincere rebuke of his past views. At the time of his death, the NAACP released a statement praising Byrd for overcoming his racist past and said that he would be sorely missed.

‘Senator Byrd reflects the transformative power of this nation. Senator Byrd went from being an active member of the KKK to a being a stalwart supporter of the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and many other pieces of seminal legislation that advanced the civil rights and liberties of our country.’

There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Clinton, as there are of any politician, but to claim she supports white supremacy is absurd, especially when you consider the black vote was a huge part of her victory in the 2016 primaries. If Crippled America is really worried about a racist being president, then they should do some research on Trump’s support from white supremacists such as David Duke.

You can check out the anti-Clinton ad here, but do keep in mind that the whole Benghazi witch hunt has been thoroughly debunked.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, available under a Creative Commons license.