Republican Spokesperson Completely FREAKS Out On CNN After Hillary Was Cleared (VIDEO)


Republicans throughout the country are furious over the FBI’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton, and Republican National Committee chief strategist Sean Spicer is no exception.

When asked by CNN hosts Kate Bolduan and John Berman about his reaction to the news, Spicer said:

‘These findings of the FBI are a clear indictment on Hillary Clinton’s judgment and fitness to be president. The office that she’s seeking requires the highest level of judgment, making sure that our nation’s secrets are protected.’

When Bolduan reminded Spicer that FBI Director James Comey said that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges against Clinton, he first detailed everything he thought Clinton had done wrong, then exclaimed:

‘This is someone who wants to be president, Kate!’

After thanking Spicer for telling her what she already knew, Bolduan then went on to ask, “Do you trust that the FBI conducted a fair investigation?”

Caught, Spicer had to admit, “Well, it sounds like it.” However, he then tried to qualify his admission:

‘The findings that they made are very clear that she did exhibit poor judgment, that it was reckless by their account. And it is not their job to decide whether it is formally prosecuted.’

Spicer also told Bolduan and Berman that the bigger issue is whether Clinton is fit to be president and, in his opinion, the answer to that question is clearly “no.”

After being questioned about Donald Trump’s response to the announcement, Spicer also argued that, if anyone else were to have made the same mistake as Clinton, they would have been indicted:

‘Secretary Clinton went into this position and set up this server clearly intending to avoid detection, clearly trying not to be transparent and clearly trying to set up a set of rules for her that were different than what everyone else has to follow.’

‘Any other employee that works at the State Department that did what she did would have their security clearance pulled and would be facing charges. This is absolutely ridiculous.’

Spicer is not the only member of the RNC who is fired up about the lack of indictment. RNC chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a statement on Tuesday:

‘The FBI’s findings are a glaring indictment of Hillary Clinton’s complete lack of judgment, honesty, and preparedness to be our next commander-in-chief, and they confirm what we’ve long known: Hillary Clinton has spent the last 16 months looking into cameras deliberately lying to the American people.’

Watch the full interview with Spicer below, and read the RNC’s full statement on the FBI’s decision here:

Featured image is a screenshot from the video.