BREAKING: Riots Erupt After Police Shoot Black Man Point Blank For Selling CD’s (GRAPHIC)


A Black man in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was brutally shot to death early Tuesday morning while standing outside a local convenience store, where he was very well-known for selling CD’s. The senseless murder was caught on video after people sitting in a nearby vehicle began recording the incident that escalated very quickly.

The video begins with two officers demanding that 37-year old Alton Sterling get down on the ground; just a moment later, a scuffle ensued that led Sterling and the two male officers to the ground.

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The incident reportedly began when police received a call at about 12:35am on Tuesday. The caller expressed concern over a man selling CD’s in front of the store who had allegedly threatened him with a gun.

In case you were wondering, in Louisiana, it is legal for people to carry weapons without permit so long as they are neither under 18, nor a felon.

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When police arrived at the store, they ordered Sterling down, to which he refused. That is when the very short struggle began. Police very quickly had Sterling on the ground and both officers were on top of the man.

Just seconds after getting Sterling to the ground, he was shot dead almost immediately after one of the officers says, “You f—–g move, I swear to God.”

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The people recording the video were reduced to tears after witnessing the execution.

Immediately after the video was uploaded to the internet, it went viral. This led to riots in the streets as people refuse to take the systematic abuse lying down.

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Sterling family friend, Vereta Lee, says that the way police handled the situation was the opposite of how you would expect a cop to act:

“It just didn’t make sense for someone to become so angry that’s suppose to protect our lives and take this young man’s life. It just doesn’t make sense.”

It still has not been confirmed whether or not Sterling had a weapon when he was shot.

According to NY Daily News, Sterling had a rap sheet that, “dates back two decades with several drug, firearm, theft and assault arrests. He was sentenced to five years to prison for marijuana and weapon possession in 2009.”

RIP Alton Sterling

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