U.S. Army General Releases Desperate Plea To Americans About Donald Trump (VIDEO)


Retired Major General of the United States Army Paul Eaton speaks out against Donald Trump in a new video ad released by VoteVets.org.

Eaton says that Trump does not have the “temperament or judgement to be our Commander-in-Chief.” Eaton has worked in the military service for decades.

Read the transcript of the segment with Eaton below:

‘I know the sacrifices our military makes. My father was a fighter pilot who went missing over Laos during the Vietnam war. For 30 years I served everywhere, from Iraq to Somalia, where I have been responsible for the lives of our sons and daughters. For all of them and for our country, I cannot support Donald Trump. Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament or judgement to be our Commander-in-Chief. That’s why I’m speaking out. For America.’

While Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, he is not exactly looking at a rosy November election night. Model after model shows him at a solid disadvantage to Hillary Clinton. Only the occasional poll with Trump in the lead reminds observers that he could manage to steal the election.

And Eaton has that possibility in mind in this new ad. His stake in preventing a Trump presidency is high. The businessman turned avowed racist and political wannabe doesn’t hide his obsession with war and death. He flippantly tosses around military interventions from allowing the spread of nuclear weapons to- well that’s the problem.

Trump doesn’t take the lives that could potentially fall under his command seriously. His inability to stick to one position for very long has no place whatsoever where one of those positions could result in American dead.

Trump is ready to goad the entire Muslim world into anti-American violence. A potential strike back from Trump’s anti-Muslim policies has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. He simply has no regard for the interests of these nations.

It won’t be an unexpected response if Muslim nations come after the United States. Governments exist to protect the interests of respective states.

This is not Eaton’s first entrance into political issues. He tore apart Congressional Republicans for their letter to Iran that sought to subvert the Iranian nuclear deal- a move which saw conservative commentators calling him a “douchebag.”

Eaton oversaw the training of Iraqi forces for a period of the Iraq War before returning to the United States and becoming Deputy Chief of Staff for a US Army Command in Virginia.

VoteVets.org is a veterans’ advocacy group, working on national policy issues important to veterans and supporting candidates such as prominent Bernie Sanders supporter and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

Watch the 30 second ad featuring Eaton below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.