Ex-GOP Congressman Vows Revenge On President Obama For The #Dallas #PoliceShooting (IMAGE)


Remember former congressman Joe Walsh? In case you don’t, Walsh was a darling of the Tea Party who was, in addition to being racist, a terrible father. Fortunately for the sane portion of America, he was defeated in 2012 and we mostly forgot how terrible he was. Well in the wake of Thursday’s violence in Dallas, he’s decided to remind us all just what an awful person he is.

Walsh took to Twitter to call for a war and vengeance against President Obama. The tweet, which has since been deleted, blamed President Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for the violence in Dallas despite the fact that the police have issued no statements regarding the suspects motives. Screen_Shot_2016-07-07_at_9.36.02_PM-300x170 Ex-GOP Congressman Vows Revenge On President Obama For The #Dallas #PoliceShooting (IMAGE) Racism Top Stories

Not only does the above tweet scream racism, it comes very close to threatening the President of the United States. Perhaps the reason Walsh deleted was due to someone threatening to send it to the FBI or Secret Service, but sadly for him this is the internet and screenshots are a thing. As we mentioned above, Walsh has since removed that particular  tweet, but the one he put it up in its place is no better.

We’re not sure how Walsh came to the conclusion that this is somehow the fault of President Obama and liberals. We supposed it’s theoretically possible he has insider information not leaked to the press, but it’s more likely his “evidence” consists of a convoluted conspiracy theory that would make Alex Jones blush.

Conservatives often engage in racist dog whistling, but Walsh’s comments tonight go beyond the pale of dog whistling and venture into a racial mega phone. So far, as far as we know, there this no evidence that those responsible for tonight’s shooting were members of the Black Lives Matter movement. There was a black man brought into custody by the police, but later reports revealed that the man had turned in his weapon prior shots being fired and has since been released.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.