Arizona Police Shoot & Kill Mentally Ill Man In His Own Home (DETAILS)


On Friday evening, Tucson, Arizona police responded to a mental health call that took a fatal turn for the worst.

Upon arriving at the scene, officers met an agitated man holding a knife, who refused to stop advancing toward officers.

In order to secure their safety, police had to act fast and tend to the threatening situation. 28-year-old Abraham Smith was fatally shot by police, but no officers themselves were injured.

Assistant Chief Ramon Batista told the media:

‘What happened today is extremely tragic.’

The shooting, that happened at a trailer on Rillito near Grant and Stone, is said to be unrelated to similar events in Dallas, Texas:

Smith’s family, obviously distraught over the loss of their son, has spoken out to the media in an effort to understand why officers used deadly force to diffuse the situation.

Officers with the Mobile Acute Crisis Team are trained in dealing with individuals with mental health issues and responded to the call at 4:30pm on Friday afternoon. Police claim Smith refused to answer when officers knocked, so they were forced to go into the trailer themselves.

Upon entering, police found Smith emerging from a bedroom with a butcher knife in hand. As police backed off, Smith continued to approach them and refused to stop. One officer drew his weapon and fired, killing Smith.

Officers say they had no other choice, but Smith’s family doesn’t see things that way. They questioned the officers’ use of lethal force:

‘Why didn’t they use a tazer gun? They knew he was dangerous as far as unstable. He stopped talking and was mute.’

Tucson Police Department Assistant Chief Ramon Batista gave the following statement to Tucson News Now:

‘This is not a situation where I believe the officers didn’t understand the dynamics of what they were dealing with. This is a situation where they were forced in a position where they had no other answer.’

The Pima County Attorney’s office will be investigating the shooting to see if the actions of the officer responsible for shooting Smith were justified. According to Tucson News Now, the three officers who responded to the call have been placed on paid administrative leave.

Feature Image via Twitter.