BREAKING: ANOTHER Black Man Killed By Police In Houston, Texas (VIDEO)


Early Saturday morning, Houston police officers shot and killed a man who they say was pointing a revolver at them.

Houston’s ABC affiliate, KTRK, reports, “Houston police say two officers shot and killed an armed man on Houston’s south side early this morning. Police says the officers involved were wearing body cameras and they each fired multiple shots.”

The victim was an African American male named Alva Branziel, identified by his wife.

Branziel is pictured below.

WTRK’s Marla Carter posted a video of the crime scene to her Twitter account.

WTRK described the shooting incident.

‘Officers say they saw a man with a revolver standing in the road. There were two officers in one vehicle and they asked the man to put the revolver down. Police say a witness also asked him to drop the weapon. Officers say instead of dropping the gun, the man raised his weapon pointing it in the air. He then lowered it and pointed it at the two officers.’

The report makes no reference to what led to the officers asking Braziel to drop the gun.

One bystander, Eric Puckett, suggests a reason- black men are targeted by police.

As in the case of Minnesota’s Philando Castile, Braziel may have been completely legally allowed to carry the weapon.

Castile was killed by police when reaching for his weapons permit- which the officer who murdered him had requested.

The officers responsible for Braziel’s murder were described by WTRK, reporting, “One of the officers is a 10-year veteran of the force. The other has been with the force for 13 years. As is routine following any officer-involved shooting, the officers will be investigated.”

“Investigated” – Not held accountable to the same standard as a civilian. If a non-officer was responsible for Braziel’s death, that person would be charged with murder.

However, in this case, like in case after case across the nation, the officers will be “investigated.”

Braziel was the 610th death at the hands of American police, according to the Killed by Police database. The Gun Violence Archive, which uses a wider data background than Killed by Police, has the number at 951.

WTRK reports on the shooting below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from Marla Carter’s Video.