BREAKING: GOP Delegates Hatch Plan To Overthrow Trump VP Choice, Install Party Candidate


Anti-Trump delegates have nearly had it with Trump, and are now looking to a proposed rules change that would allow for them to choose their own vice presidential nominee.

Trump has suggested some rather interesting people for potential VP picks, including former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Yikes!

Below is an outline of the proposed changes to Rule 40, as compiled by BuzzFeed News:

  • Deleting the clause in rule 40(a) which says that if there is only one candidate for VP, “a motion to nominate for such office by acclamation shall be in order and no calling of the roll with respect to such office shall be required.”
  • Adding a clause in rule 40(b) that would require the candidate for the VP nomination to have support from a majority of delegates from three or more states — a lower threshold than eight.
  • Attempting to minimize the amount of influence the presidential nominee has in this process, by adding the following sentence: “The preference of any candidate seeking nomination for president of the United States shall have no bearing upon the submission of names for nomination for vice president of the United States nor the recording of votes for the same.”
  • Adding a new clause that calls for multiple rounds of voting if a VP candidate doesn’t reach ⅔ on the first round: “If no vice- presidential candidate shall have received a two-thirds in the first round of balloting, the chairman of the convention shall direct the roll of the states be called again and shall repeat the calling of the roll until a candidate shall have received a majority of the votes entitled to be cast in the convention in the subsequent roll of the states.”

The aforementioned amendments to the rule would make it easier for delegates to reject Trump’s VP pick and to choose their own alternative. According to reports, the changes to Rule 40 will be presented at the Rules Committee meeting next week.

A source from Free the Delegates movement spoke to BuzzFeed and described the amendments to Rule 40 as the “arranged marriage option.”

‘It’s a counterweight to Trump. It’s the grassroots of saying if you’re going to do this, you’re going to do it with our pick.’

The source went on to explain the changes further, saying:

‘[The change] will take the decision making out of the hands of the RNC and Trump and into the hands of delegates.’

Trump supporters, who are obviously quick to defend their master, have argued that he won the primary and should be allowed to choose his running mate, fair and square.

But the Rules Committee had a different take on the ordeal:

‘Obviously, that doesn’t apply to the vice presidential nomination. We don’t know who Trump would pick for that position but I think we have a right to have a say on that.’

Trump will announce his vice-presidential pick ahead of the Republican National Convention.

Feature Image via Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license.