JUST IN: More Than A Dozen Republican Senators Announce REFUSAL To Attend GOP Convention (DETAILS)


16 Republican US Senators, led by Nebraska’s Ben Sasse, are flipping the bird to Trump and the GOP Convention in the end of July. They are refusing to attend, and their explanations for why might just leave you laughing.

Sasse’s spokesperson’s explanation leads the pack. The Hill reports what Sasse’s spokesperson said,

‘Sen. Sasse will not be attending the convention and will instead take his kids to watch some dumpster fires across the state, all of which enjoy more popularity than the current front-runners.’

US Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona had similar priorities, saying to The Hill,

‘I’ve got to mow my lawn.’

Other leading Republicans who are skipping the convention have more practical responses to why they are staying away.

Many, if not most, are trying to avoid a perceived connection with Donald Trump’s effect on their chance for winning re-election come November.

A spokesperson for Florida Senator Marco Rubio- a former primary opponent of Donald Trump- told The Hill,

‘Marco had planned to go to the convention before he decided to seek reelection. Since Marco got into the race late, he will be in Florida campaigning and meeting with voters instead of going to Ohio.’

Arizona’s John McCain was more direct, telling The Hill, “I’m up for reelection.”

US Senator Ted Cruz, for the record, is attending the convention, stoking a potential run for the presidency in 4 years.

The Republican National Convention (RNC) will be held July 18 through July 21 in Cleveland, Ohio. Originally, the convention was shaping up to host conflict because it held no clear nominee going into the event.

That situation was before Trump swept the nomination a little late in the game and became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee after the Indiana primary.

The RNC isn’t all clear though. Angry Trump supporters are already planning protests against the forces they feel wronged them in standing against Trump from within the GOP.

On the other side, anti- Trump forces, operating under the moniker in some cases of Never Trump, are persistently planning protests against Trump’s nomination.

Some of these protests are procedural, seeking to strip Trump of the nomination delegate by delegate, while other protests are just people in the street style.

A major portion of the anger the GOP Senators harbor towards Trump and the Convention to crown him nominee is based on the plain and simple fact that he is running the party into the ground.

From the outset, model after model puts Trump at an ever increasing disadvantage to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton come the November election. Trump continues to sit in polls from upper single digits to double digits behind Clinton.

The hatred -and refusal to vote for- Trump is slowly but surely seeping into the down ballot races, with the GOP losing major ground across the board. There is no clear and tangible hope for the Republican Party on the horizon after Trump.

No rousing presidential candidate for 4 years down the road, no clear path whatsoever for the Republicans to see their agenda implemented nationally. The Republicans have nothing, and GOP leaders are pissed off.

And they’re not going to the Convention.

Featured Image is via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.