Dallas Mayor Dramatically Pushes NRA Aside, Demands Gun Control (VIDEO)


Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings told CBS on Sunday that one of the “real issues” to surface in the aftermath of the Dallas shooting is open carry laws.

5 Dallas police officers were murdered on Thursday night while the officers were accompanying a Black Lives Matter protest. The fatal shots came from a lone sniper who was stalking the protest.

Dallas authorities did not know that fact Thursday night however. The bullets were emanating from scattered points around the city, leading police to suspect that there were multiple gunmen.

And police acted on this belief, arresting 3 protesters on suspicion of being involved in the shootings. The suspicion arose out of the guns the protesters were toting- guns which as a rule are legal to carry openly in Texas as long as one has the proper licensing.

While Dallas police officers chased what turned out to be false leads in an attempt to stop the bloodshed, police officers kept dying at the hands of the lone gunman who was evading their scrutiny.

And the reason the real source for the gunfire was not zeroed in upon much sooner was the guns spread throughout the crowds.

Mayor Rawlings told CBS’s Face the Nation, speaking of last Thursday’s tragedy in Dallas:

‘That is one of the real issues with the gun right issues that we face, that in the middle of a firefight, it’s hard to pick out the good guys and the bad guys … The common sense would tell you you don’t know where the gunfire is coming from, there were individuals that ran across the gunfire … so it sure took our eye off the ball for a moment.’

In that moment Rawlings is speaking of, the shots kept coming, and police officers kept falling. The Republicans of Texas who forced the open carry into law bear responsibility for the scale of the atrocity in Dallas.

Democrats in US Congress continue to attempt to pass gun safety regulations, largely to no avail. The latest push was prompted by the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida’s, Pulse nightclub that left 49 dead.

Democrats have staged a sit in protest in the US House and a 15 hour long filibuster in the US Senate, still with no gun safety regulations to show for it.

Watch the CBS News report featuring Rawlings below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.