Elizabeth Warren Just Responded To GOP Racism Post-Dallas Shooting With This SICK Burn (QUOTES)


Elizabeth Warren wasted no time shredding the right wing’s defense of the killings of two African Americans by police officers.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s Alton Sterling was shot and killed by 2 police officers on Tuesday night. The officers were on top of Sterling, who was pinned to the ground, when one drew his gun and fired. A graphic cellphone video of the shooting has propelled Sterling’s murder to a high profile in the national conversation.

Minnesota’s Philando Castile was shot and killed by a police officer the next morning. Castile was reaching for his wallet to show the identification the officer had requested when the officer fired, killing Castile. Castile’s fiancee livestreamed the aftermath of Castile’s shooting on Facebook.

Both Sterling and Castile were African American, and Black Lives Matter protests quickly ensued in cities across the United States. A protest Thursday night in Dallas, Texas, was targeted by a sniper, who shot 14 people and killed 5. All of the dead were police officers, the sniper’s primary target.

The right, led by ranking Republicans such as Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas itself, wasted no time in blaming blacks for the shooting attack in Dallas. Patrick, along with Sarah Palin and others, spent their time after the Dallas attack condemning African Americans and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another way some on the right used the shootings in Dallas was to somehow say that blacks really do pose a special threat to police, and therefore Castile and Sterling’s deaths were justified.

And Elizabeth Warren would have none of it. Literally.

The statement she wrote on her official Facebook page begins,

‘No. No. No. No. No.’

Warren makes the short but pointed statement to flatly condemn those who use the incidents such as what went down in Dallas to condemn entire groups.

Warren also made sure to note that those who would express hatred at police as a group are not exempt from her condemnation. The shooter in Dallas operated separately from any group like Black Lives Matter, with no association whatsoever. That doesn’t mean however that hatred for police can not seep into the group and those allied to it.

Warren wrote,

‘More grieving moms and dads, sons and daughters cannot bring back those we’ve already lost. Black Americans should not be killed in routine traffic stops and police officers should not be killed while protecting and serving their communities.’

Warren spoke to each incident:

‘I am sick at heart for the families of the officers killed in Dallas yesterday. Sick at heart for the families of men shot at point-blank range in Louisiana and Minnesota. Sick at heart about those who would pull us apart at exactly the moment when we need to come together.’

Warren’s full statement is below.

Warren is a progressive figure, serving from the state of Massachusetts in the US Senate. She has grown to stand increasingly prominent among those on the left while the Democratic presidential primary race went on.

Featured Image is via Ben Wikler on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.