Legendary Sportscaster Gives Stunning Response To Dallas Police Shooting, Calls Lt Gov. ‘A Fool’ (VIDEO)


On a recent segment of Hansen Unplugged, Texas sportscaster Dale Hansen gave a passionate speech about police violence in our country and the recent shooting in Dallas calling it an “attack on our basic humanity.”

Hansen opened his speech with a powerful statement on the collective apathy America feels towards violence and how easy it is to use sports and other entertainment to help us ignore real problems.

‘The Rangers lost to Minnesota last night, and I’m almost embarrassed to tell you I know that.

‘I’m in my office, watching the game, and then all hell breaks loose in our city.

‘Reporters in our newsroom were scrambling. Producers were yelling. We turned off the lights, just in case … and I kept watching the game.

‘It was another shooting in America. It was in our city this time, and police officers were being killed, but it was a couple of blocks away and the Rangers were being shut out.

‘This is what I have become. This is what too many of us have been for a long time now.

‘We’ll fly our flags at half-mast, we’ll say all the right things, we’ll make promises we won’t keep, and then, nothing will change.

‘Our lives will go on, while the lives of so many others won’t, because we expect it now and we accept it.’

Hansen was quick to defend the majority of police officers as heroes saying that they risk their lives for others everyday.  But he also pointed out that police officers need to be held accountable for their actions.

‘They run into the darkened alley where we won’t go. They run into the buildings we run from. They look for the person we try to hide from.

‘But they’re not allowed to make the human mistakes that we all make, because they have the power of God strapped to their hip and the authority to use it.’

Hansen did not shy away from the issue of race. He openly acknowledged that white people get tickets for crimes that black people often get shot over and acknowledged the need for accountability among police officers.

‘A white man in America doesn’t die for selling cigarettes on a street corner, he gets a ticket. A white man in America doesn’t die for driving with a broken tail light, he gets a ticket, too. And the officers who abuse the badge and the power they have should be punished, but too many times they are not.’

Hansen’s entire speech can be viewed here:

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.