Texas Lt. Governor Goes On Hate Fueled Tirade, Blames Black People For Dallas Shooting (VIDEO)


Friday morning, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick blamed Black Lives Matter protesters and social media users with a “big mouth” for the shooting attack in Dallas that left 5 police officers dead.

Patrick appeared on FOX News, telling the host,

‘I do blame people on social media with their hatred towards police. I do blame — I saw Jesse Jackson, I think it was on Fox last night, calling police racist without any facts. I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests.’

People on social media didn’t stalk police officers before shooting and killing 5 of them on Thursday night, and neither did Jesse Jackson.

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to work to distance itself from the extremist elements that show up in its midst, and the problem the movement seeks to address looms like a lethal elephant in America’s collective room.

The movement exercises the right of Americans to speak their mind and work for a cause, be that through protests or otherwise.

The peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters walking through the streets of Dallas Thursday night and through the streets of other American cities are as much a target of the gunman’s hatred as were the police officers. 2 civilians were wounded, besides the 12 police officers who were victims.

Patrick blamed them for their own shooting- and even topped it off by calling them “hypocrites” for running from the gunfire and “expecting police to protect them.”

Patrick attacked the African Americans and other concerned Americans involved with Black Lives Matter, pulling up the shock value talking point that America is heading to a point devoid of police officers requiring citizens to “take the law in their own hands.”

Dallas’s WFAA broadcaster Dale Hansen had harsh words for Patrick, writing on Friday night,

‘America’s problem has come to Dallas now, and our lieutenant governor blames the peaceful protesters, because our lieutenant governor is a fool.’

The investigation into the actual motive for the shooting is still ongoing.

According to the Dallas Police Chief, the shooter was “very much in control of himself,” while behaving erratically, scrawling cryptic messages on the wall and singing to negotiators with whom he was speaking on the telephone.

Watch the FOX News segment featuring Patrick below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.