Prominent Republican Senator Arrested For Fight, Threatening Landscaper With Gun (DETAILS)


Senator Chris Massey of Mississippi is accused of getting into a scrap alongside his father, Jack Massey, with two landscapers who were cutting a neighbor’s lawn.

The landscaper spoke to MS News Now, saying:

‘There’s blood on him and there is blood on me, all because I wanted to finish a man’s lawn today.’

One man told police:

‘He didn’t carry himself like a politician or anyone of office.’

Massey and his father were allegedly blocking the road with their vehicle and wouldn’t let the contractors pass by. Unable to solve the problem civilly, the men ended up swinging a shovel, tire iron and other equipment at each other.

According to one of the landscapers, Massey even threatened one with a gun he had in his car.

‘He spit in my employee’s face and it made him so mad, so he pushed him off him and that’s when the old man wouldn’t let him pass by.’

The owner of the house where the landscaper was working was outraged over the incident as well. Most people wouldn’t expect a brawl to break out in the middle of the day on their front lawn, but that’s exactly what happened.

The homeowner, Dan Spikes, told MS News Now:

‘It makes me made that they would treat him like he is nobody and wouldn’t let him come down the street.’

He continued:

‘Jake was trying to get me to come out in the street and fight with him.’

Other Olive Branch residents claim they were unsurprised by Massey’s behavior.

Spikes filed police reports about Massey’s behavior and even made a sign warning the neighborhood about his actions.

‘He’s the Chair of the Ethics committee, and that is very, very scary,’ he told reporters.

The landscaper may be facing charges for engaging in the brawl with Massey, but he’s more concerned about going back to the neighborhood in the future.

He told MS News Now:

‘I don’t want to call the police every time I go over there for protection.’

Massey is up on aggravated assault charges and is due in a Mississippi court on July 14.

The Mississippi Senator gave the following statement regarding his arrest:

‘I have committed no crime and have great confidence that once the true facts are known that I will be completely exonerated. I am disappointed that factually incorrect reports have been disseminated to the public. In the near future the truth will be presented in the proper forum, a court of law.’

People have taken to Twitter to point out the irony in the situation:

Feature Image via WJTV12.