Rick Perry Sparks War With Donald Trump, Mocks His ‘Mexican Wall’ (VIDEO)


When people who endorse Donald Trump start saying “You can’t do that,” it might be time for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee to pause. Former Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry has some surprising words on Trump’s wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

During a Snapchat interview with Peter Hamby, the former governor said:

‘I’m for Donald Trump, and he says we’re going to build a wall, the Mexicans are gonna pay for it.’

Hamby commented:

‘It’s not going to happen.’

Perry spoke realistically about the wall’s impact on the border town residents, all along the country divide:

‘Well, it’s not. It’s a wall, but it’s a technological wall; it’s a digital wall.’

‘There are some that hear this is going to be 1,200 miles from Brownsville to El Paso, 30-foot high and listen, I know you can’t do that.’

This isn’t the first time Perry has questioned the feasibility of a “Game Of Thrones” type of wall. It seems obvious that an ice wall would melt in the hot climate, but it should also be obvious a Great Wall Of China wouldn’t work either. Perry said the wall:

‘Will take literally years. I don’t care how good of a builder you are.’

Perry isn’t the only border state leader who discourages Trump’s great wall. Arizona’s Republican Senator Jeff Flake said in a radio interview that such a wall is not “advisable.”

On his radio show, John Catsimatidis asked Flake whether Trump is right to be alarmed about border security. Flake, no Trump supporter, responded:

‘To think that we’d have a wall like Donald Trump is talking about across our 225-mile border with Mexico from California to Texas isn’t very feasible, or advisable.’

It appears Flake is concerned about drug trafficking and the possibility of terrorists coming across from Mexico. But he says the federal government hasn’t done enough to secure the border and Arizona is paying the price:

‘Certainly we need better border security. We have about a 750-mile border in Arizona with Mexico and we bear the brunt of the federal government’s failure to have a secure border.’

For such an experienced builder of buildings, Trump must know that he can’t build his magical wall. It appears that at every campaign rally he uses it as one of his central themes. Trump must love to hear his followers’ chants about it.

Maybe Trump will keep adding height and distance to the wall until it stands 50 feet high and runs 1500 miles long, because he is curious. So, just how extreme a structure can the Republican candidate throw out before people stop believing him?

Check out Trump talking about his wall:

Featured Image: Kent Williams via Flickr, Creative Commons License.
H/T: The Hill.