Fox News “Expert” Goes On Violently Racist Tirade Against Obama And American Blacks (VIDEO)


A guest on FOX News this week mouthed off against President Obama for supporting Black Lives Matter.

Bret Baier introduced the guest, longtime television journalist Brit Hume.

“The premise for recent protests is that it’s open season on African Americans by police,” Baier said, before asking, “but do the facts back that up?”

Baier’s question is reminiscent of Trump’s statement after the Dallas shooting, curiously devoid of open racism while clearly leaving open the option for the under the table option.

Hume began:

‘In Dallas [on] Tuesday President Obama will be trying to calm racial tensions that his own behavior has done much too aggravate, from his denunciation of Cambridge, Massachusetts police as acting stupidly for the arrest of black Harvard law professor Henry Louis Gates- they didn’t… ‘

Hang on. If you aren’t familiar, a quick Google search can help tell you the story of the arrest of Professor Gates. In short, Gates found upon returning from an overseas trip his door jammed shut, so he attempted to force it open.

A neighbor called police after seeing Gates’s attempt to open the door. Gates was inside his house when police arrived. Even though Gates showed the officer his identification, featuring his address as the very home in which he was standing, the officer still told Gates to go out onto the porch.

Gates refused, and the officer arrested him. At the time, Obama called the arrest “stupid.” This incident occurred about 7 years ago- and Hume claims that Obama’s response to the arrest somehow has to do with the unrest over police murdering African Americans at a dramatic rate.

Hume wasn’t finished though. He went on, continuing to enumerate Obama’s supposed actions that led to the present unrest:

‘[Obama called] the motives of the Dallas cop killer unclear- they aren’t. The president has consistently chosen to see things through the eyes of an aggrieved black activist instead of a president of all the people.’

Hume went on and on, speaking briskly in remarks which stank of being scripted.

He criticized Obama for speaking out when blacks are killed by police while supposedly remaining silent when blacks are killed by other blacks- a claim which Media Matters debunked 2 years ago.

Making it even better, the numerous instances of Obama speaking out on black on black crime which Media Matters documented were in response to Hume making the same claim 2 years ago.

Hume called the tragedies facing African AmericansĀ a “slaughter”- a term reserved for animals. Another one of the simple Google searches missing from Fox’s fact checking gives the definition of slaughter- “the killing of animals for food.”

Although pandering to the rabid racists backing Trump might make one think blacks are animals, they aren’t. The usage of the word slaughter is one window into Hume’s state of mind while spewing his remarks.

The Fox segment featuring Hume is below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.