GOP Skips Gun Control, Declares Pornography ‘A Public Health Crisis’ (QUOTES)


The GOP’s national convention is less than a week away. That means the Republican party is outlining its platform. Party platforms are non-binding, but do serve to give voters a general idea of a party’s basic policy goals and beliefs. With all of the problems facing our country, you might be wondering which issues the GOP have decided to focus on. Well this year, they’ve added a segment dedicated to fighting porn.

The segment was added by North Carolina delegate Mary Forrester during the committee on healthcare, crime and education. Forrester said she was encouraged to add the amendment after meeting with the conservative Christian group Concerned Women For America. The report said,

‘Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions. We encourage states to continue to fight this public menace and pledge our commitment to children’s safety and well-being.’

Forrester said she was concerned about porn’s effect on children and said she believed that young people can become addicted to porn before they truly realize what they are seeing.

it’s such an insidious epidemic and there are no rules for our children. It seems to be for young people, they do not have the discernment and so they become addicted before they have the maturity to understand the consequences.’

Her statement might sound good on the surface, but there are some major flaws in her argument. She says there are no rules for children, but you have to be 18 to legally view porn. Granted, there is no way to enforce those rules, but they do exist. Aside from making porn illegal, which is both unconstitutional and impractical, it doesn’t look like Forrester has any solutions for how she would keep minors off of pornographic sites.

Another interesting thing about this measure is the hypocrisy inherent in a party that prides itself on “limited government” calling for the government to regulate an industry that, illegal child porn aside, is already fairly well-regulated and whose actors are all consenting adults who are compensated for their appearances. Perhaps, instead of asking the state to get involved in this matter, the GOP should practice it’s principles of “limited government” for once.

The issue of children looking at porn and possibly becoming addicted is really a matter best left to parents and a comprehensive sex ed program that teaches teenagers about safe sex and the potential problems of watching too much pornography. Of course, considering states with Republican governments push failed abstinence-only programs, it’s unlikely that the they’ll get behind comprehensive sex ed.

The fact that we’re even writing an article about the GOP’s effort to fight pornography is a bit baffling considering the pressing problems facing our country such as the weak economy and terrorism. This anti-porn amendment will likely appeal to strong social conservatives and no one else. Besides, does anyone really believe that Donald Trump wants to ban porn? Because we don’t.

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