Joe Biden Gets PISSED OFF At Rudy Giuliani For Blatant Racism Post Dallas Shooting (VIDEO)


In a interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden took former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to task over the statements the former mayor made regarding the Black Lives Matter movement.

Giuliani called the Black Lives Movement Matter “inherently racist,” but V.P. Biden called the former mayor out, saying Giuliani’s remark against the nature of the movement was “a broad statement.”

During the interview, V.P. Biden reminded Tapper that when there was some violent anti-police rhetoric at one of the Black Lives Matters demonstrations, President Obama condemned them immediately. Biden also reminded Tapper that such violent views did not reflect the entire black community, and that anti-police factions did not speak for the Black Lives Matter movement or for:

‘Most folks in the black community, both middle class and poor, who know they are more likely to be pulled over than the Caucasian guy.

‘They know, in many cases, they are the focus of the police, as opposed to other communities.’

There have been several Black Lives Matter demonstrations across the country to protest and bring attention to the many deaths of black men caused by police officers, most recently that of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling.

Biden told Tapper that navigating the issue was complicated:

‘There are some people in Black Lives Matter who don’t want to talk and have a dialogue, and others who do.

‘It’s an umbrella of all kinds of people who feel like there is discrimination that exists in some police departments in some neighborhoods, and they want to talk about it and they want to deal with it.’

Giuliani said that the Black Lives Matter movement enabled the kinds of tragedies that occurred in Dallas last week. Like most conservatives, he turned the blame game to “black-on-black” crime and accused the movement of only caring about the “black lives that were killed by white policemen.”

Biden told Tapper:

‘There’s nothing inconsistent with supporting the police and acknowledging the problems that exist in terms of dealing with the communities that, in fact, are feeling put upon.’

Biden said that he had met with President Obama and law enforcement leaders, who expressed concerns about adequate support for officers. Biden said that he feels the White House should focus on training for police officers, especially in tactics for de-escalation and conflict handling skills. Biden added that they will be following up with the groups again in two weeks.

Biden dismisses Giuliani’s inciteful rhetoric in this CNN video:

Vice President Biden traveled with the president to Dallas on Tuesday for a memorial service being held for the police officers who were shot and killed last week by a lone gunman during a Black Lives Mattered demonstration.

Featured image via CNN video screenshot