JUST IN: Insiders Leak Donald Trumps VP Choice, ‘95% Chance He Chooses This Person’


Republican Party members are convinced that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will choose Indiana Governor Mike Pence has his running mate.

James Bopp, constitutional lawyer and Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention, who is close to the governor, recently spoke to the Washington Times. He relayed that Brian C. Bosma, Indiana House Speaker and conservative Republican, came to him for advice on running for governor of Indiana.

‘He wanted my counsel on what he needed to do to set himself up to run for governor, because he expects Pence to step down as governor in order to be Trump’s running mate.’

On Sunday, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign reaffirmed this by adding a last minute rally that had originally been planned for Tuesday and featured Trump and Pence.

Many Republicans that are close to Trump’s campaign and Indiana’s Governor also relayed that they believe that the vice presidential pick will be Gov. Mike Pence.

According to the Washington Times, Mr. Bopp has said that after the rally it’s a “95 percent probability” that Pence will be Donald Trump’s running made on the Republican ticket this fall.

The Indiana Republican Party chairman, Jeff Cardwell, said that Trump’s original schedule only called for making a quick appearance at a fundraising event on Sunday. But after the last-minute change of plans, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee held a rally after the event.

According to inside Republican sources, Mr. Pence made what can only be considered a telling call to Mr. Cardwell. During the call, Governor Mike Pence asked Cardwell to delay his previously made trip to Cleveland for a meeting with the Republican National Committee, telling him that he should make a point of attending the fundraiser that featured Trump and Pence.

There was a lot of hype surrounding the fundraising event to begin with, with tickets running from $2,700 to $250,000, and featuring both Trump and Pence, but with the date of the event being so close to the July 18-21 Republican National Convention, it was truly an ideal timing to announce a possible VP pick.

Rachel Maddow discusses the potential for Governor Mike Pence to get the Republican VP selection:


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