JUST IN: Jeb Bush Makes Unexpected Announcement On Who He Will Be Voting For In 2016 (QUOTES)


Former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, gave his first interview since Donald Trump secured his party’s nomination. During the interview with NBC, Bush shared his thoughts and predictions on a possible Trump presidency. They weren’t good. He went so far as to say that Trump’s supporters would likely feel betrayed.

Bush said that many of Trump’s core campaign promises, such as building a border wall or banning Muslims from entering the country, was simply never going to happen. Bush is probably correct in that statement. All politicians make promises they can’t keep, but Trump’s don’t even conform to logic or basic common sense. In fact, Bush went so far as to describe Trump’s policies as an “alternative universe.”

‘There isn’t going to be  wall built, and Mexico’s not going to pay for it. And there’s not going to be a ban on Muslims… This is all like an alternative universe he created. The reality is that’s not going to happen, and people are going to be deeply frustrated and the divides will grow in our country.’

Bush went onto say that he will not be voting for either candidate because he would be sad if Hillary Clinton won, but worried if Trump were to win. The Bushes have always been staunch Republicans, so to hear the former governor deny his party’s nominee is not a good sign for the GOP.

Despite his refusal to vote for Trump, he did have some compliments for the GOP’s nominee. He described Trump as a master of gaining media attention, which makes sense when you consider that Trump is as much, if not more so, a showman than a business man.

‘He’s a master at understanding how the media works – more than anybody I’ve seen in politics. Kudos to him for, you know, kind of creating the environment and then manipulating the environment to his effect.’

Bush quickly shifted away from his backhanded praise when discussing Trump’s attacks on him and the other GOP candidates. Trump famously branded Bush’s campaign as “low energy,” but Bush said he was one of the few to push back against Trump saying everyone else was in witness protection.

You can check out part of the interview here:

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