JUST IN: New Clinton Vs Trump Nationwide Latino Poll Released Shows STUNNING Results (STATS)


Latino voters favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump 74% to 16%, according to a new poll.

As pictured below, Trump polls barely ahead of the portion of voters who self identified as undecided.

Image via Screenshot from America’s Voice/ Latino Decisions

Democrats don’t just possess an advantage among Latino voters in the presidential race. Rather, the advantage stretches across the board, lending, for example, strength to Democratic runs for the US House and Senate.

As pictured below, Latino voters choose the Democrats over the Republicans by a wide margin.

Image via Screenshot from America’s Voice/ Latino Decisons

The Hispanic American population has long been the main target of Trump’s hatred. The now presumptive GOP presidential nominee kicked off his campaign by denouncing Mexican Americans as a threat to American society.

Trump’s racist rhetoric excited closet and virulent bigots from across the nation, catapulting Trump to the Republican nomination. Those bigots can only take him so far however.

Clinton’s overwhelming support among Latino voters underscores the overwhelming support accumulating from all groups of voters. Clinton continues to be rated with a 80% chance of winning the presidency in November, compared to Trump’s 20%.

Polls also continue to place Clinton beyond an almost uncrossable chasm ahead of Trump. The latest Real Clear Politics national polling average has Clinton up by 4.2 percent when put in a 4 way match-up with Trump and the two minor party candidates Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein.

Pictured below is the graph of the Clinton vs. Trump part of the general election match up over time.


Clinton’s support among Latino voters continues the trend that gave her the presumptive Democratic presidential nomination. Some of Clinton’s biggest wins were in states with an African American majority of registered Democrats. The South Carolina Democratic primary set this trend, with Clinton winning over US Senator Bernie Sanders 73.5 percent to 26 percent.

This latest poll was sponsored by America’s Voice and conducted by Latino Decisions. It was conducted from the period of June 29 through July 5, 2016, among 657 registered Latino voters. The margin of error, that number which represents the size of the potential difference between the reported numbers and the actual numbers, is 3.8 percent.

Featured Image is via Gage Skidmore on Flickr, Available Under a Creative Commons License.