Laura Bush & Michelle Obama Give George Bush ‘The Stare’ After He Dances At A Funeral (VIDEO)


At today’s memorial service for the five Dallas police officers who were murdered last week, former President George W. Bush danced on stage to the “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

Bush tried to engage his wife, Laura, and First Lady Michelle Obama in his dancing, but both women glared him into shutting down his revelry. All the while, President Obama also glared at the former President.

Bush is still being slammed for his behavior. Social media users took positions ranging from biting sarcasm to pain at the former president’s flamboyancy.

Featured below is a series of tweets reacting to the footage of his dancing.

Israel-born blogger and author Noga Sklar presented the pointed sarcasm.

Twitter user Kelly Byrd offered up the heartfelt feeling of pain and disgust at Bush’s dancing.

With the world watching America’s most formal reaction to the Dallas tragedy, the face of America was reduced to Laura Bush and Michelle Obama making George Bush stop dancing.

Below you can see the actual heartbreaking footage. Standing on the stage set to honor five murdered police officers, officers who left behind families and a city in mourning, what did Bush do? Bush tried to coerce his wife Laura, along with the First Lady, into dancing with him.

Bush’s sickening dancing wasn’t the only face put forward at the memorial service, though. President Obama, who cut short his Europe trip to come and speak at the service, offered remarks presented in part below.

‘We see all this and its hard not to think the center won’t hold and things won’t get worse. I understand. But Dallas, I’m here to say we must reject such despair. I’m here to insist we’re not as divided as we seem. I know that because I know America. I know how far we’ve come despite impossible odds.’

Tensions remain tight across America on Tuesday night, with CNN reporting that 3 arrests were made stopping a plot to kill police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — the city where African American Alton Sterling was murdered by police officers last week.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.