Unhinged Hillary Clinton Hater Arrested For Trying To Kill Photographer (DETAILS)


A 52 year-old man has been charged with felony assault, along with other crimes, for attempting to run over a photographer who was taking pictures while parked on a public road.

The victim. Alex Stone, was parked on the side of the road taking photos when Mark Gordon pulled up in his SUV and demanded Stone move. When Stone replied that he and his companion would be leaving shortly, the man started cursing and threatening them.

San Diego sheriff, Rob Samuels, said Stone had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by Godon’s SUV.

‘In the video, (Gordon) can be seen intentionally driving his vehicle twice at Stone who was able to jump out of the way to avoid being struck. Gordon eventually exited the vehicle and physically assaulted Stone and an acquaintance. During the assault, Gordon knocked Stone’s cellphone from his hand causing damage to the phone. No injuries were sustained by anyone involved and all parties left the scene.’

As can be seen on the video, Gordon constantly shouts at Stone telling him “You’re in my f***ing driveway. Do you not understand that, d*** head?” Of course, in the midst of his inane ranting and threats, Gordon failed to comprehend that the photographer was, not, in his “f***ing driveway.” Stone was parked along the side of a public road.

During the video, we can see Gordon trying to run Stone over while shouting at him. Even after Stone tries to leave, Gordon continues to shout and threaten Stone . At one point, Gordon broke Stone’s phone. When Stone told him he would have to pay for it, Gordon pulled his pants down and said “You can suck those $200 out of my d***.”

In addition to the video, Stone made a Facebook post describing the incident and urging everyone to stay safe.  In the post, Stone also points out that, prior to Gordon’s attack, five other people had stopped by to see if Stone or his passenger needed any help and that no one else seemed to be bothered by his presence.

The full video can be seen here:

Featured Image is a Screencap from the video.