DNC Panics As Jill Stein Fundraising Skyrockets 999% After Bernie Endorsed Hillary (DETAILS)


Jill Stein’s campaign has seen a nearly 1000% increase in donations since Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton yesterday morning. The presidential candidate for the Green Party has made media headlines in the last 24 hours after speaking out against Sanders and his decision to endorse Clinton.

Bernie followers on social media have long been discussing what will happen if Bernie were to lose the nomination and have to contest the Democratic National Convention, but no one ever thought he would endorse Hillary Clinton before the convention, if at all.

Not only were Bernie followers unhappy with Bernie’s decision, but Stein was one of the only politicians to speak out against Sanders’ decision. Stein said this via her Twitter account:

Reassuring devastated Bernie followers that the revolution started by Sanders will continue, and that voting for a “war monger” or a “racist billionaire” are not the only two options.

Stein Tweeted continually during the live endorsement:

In an interview with The Guardian on Friday, Stein was singing a much more respectful tune. She said she even offered Bernie a position in the Green Party, basically conceding to him for the greater good of the country. Stein said this Friday:

‘I’ve invited Bernie to sit down and explore collaboration. Everything is on the table. If he saw that you can’t have a revolutionary campaign in a counter-revolutionary party, he’d be welcomed to the Green Party. He could lead the ticket and build a political movement.’

Stein makes a lot of sense to a lot of people, people who never thought Bernie would give up. According to US Uncut, “Since Tuesday morning, the Green Party has received over $80,000 in contributions, over half of which comes from first-time donors, and half of which comes in the form of contributions under $50. Tellingly, about 615 of those contributions totalled $27, the exact number commonly trumpeted and solicited by the Sanders campaign during his revolutionary grassroots funding movement.”

In a phone interview with US Uncut, Stein said this about the “explosion” of Bernie followers moving over to the Green Party:

“There’s been an explosion of Berners coming in through every portal of the campaign, and it’s really exciting. There is so much courage out there to stand up to the marching orders handed down by the usual suspects.”

Also since Bernie’s tragic endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Stein’s Facebook account has received 40,000+ likes, and her Twitter account saw “5.6 million impressions on July 12-13 alone.” So, unless Bernie has something sneaky up his sleeve, it looks as if the Green Party may be the new party for liberal progressives. To donate to Jill Stein’s presidential campaign, click here.