BREAKING: Gruesome Terror Attack Hits France, At LEAST 30 People Slaughtered (DETAILS)


A tractor trailer plowed into a large crowd leaving an evening fireworks celebration in honor of Bastille Day in France.

France is reeling from this second major terror attack on its soil in less than a year. Just last November, around 150 were killed in coordinated attacks across Paris.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for today’s carnage, and neither has the government issued an official statement.

The occasion of the attack, on a French national holiday, coupled with reports from witnesses, points to a pre-planned terror attack, likely inspired and/or carried out by the Islamic State.

France and the Western world has been left reeling. Initial reports put the death toll at 30, a number which at last report from the scene has increased to 60.

The New York Post reports from Nice, France, where the incident took place:

‘“I’m in Nice and cannot describe the situation – scary awful. Dead bodies everywhere people killed in front of my eyes. Had to be planned,” [a] witness said, according to the UK Express…’

A group of students also gave their account:

‘“The fireworks ended, and we went back. I saw behind the wheel, the driver was deciding which way it was heading. The truck rolled on to the pavement,” one said. “It happened two meters from us. I saw people lying on the ground, I saw a small child hit the earth.”’

The hashtag “#PrayforNice” on Twitter is collecting reactions and accounts of the terror.

Featured below is an image of the truck responsible for the carnage. Bullet holes riddle the windshield- the driver was shot dead.

terrorism BREAKING: Gruesome Terror Attack Hits France, At LEAST 30 People Slaughtered (DETAILS) Terrorism Top Stories

More images are featured below via Twitter.