Cher Takes Donald Trump To Task On Twitter After He Lies About Poll Numbers (TWEET)


On Wednesday, Cher blasted Donald Trump publicly on Twitter over his latest campaign email.

Trump claims in this email, featured below via a screenshot that Cher posted to Twitter, that he “leads in key battleground states.”

The email reads, “A poll released today shows Mr. Trump beating Crooked Hillary in Florida and Pennsylvania.”

As Cher deftly points out, however, Trump’s assertion isn’t actually true. He is not shown to be “beating” Hillary Clinton according to any actual numbers.

As Cher also points out, she is not a “dedicated grassroots supporter” of Trump’s. And as the singer also points out, Trump’s sexist usage of a title for his own name with a derogatory title before Clinton’s name won’t go unnoticed.

The latest polling out of Florida, collected by Real Clear Politics, has the two candidates effectively tied. The average has Trump up over Hillary Clinton by a meager 0.2 percent — hardly grounds to declare a lead.

Featured below is the graph of Florida general election polling over time, collected by Real Clear Politics and including only Trump and Clinton.

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The poll Trump based his email off of doesn’t actually show him winning either. Instead, while Trump’s level of support is technically larger, the difference between his and Clinton’s is within the margin of error.

The margin of error is that number which represents the potential difference between the reported numbers and the actual numbers. Thus, there is no ground to declare anything besides that the candidates are tied. Who would actually come out on top were election day today remains hidden.

The numbers in Pennsylvania are even less in Trump’s favor. The Real Clear Politics average has Clinton up over Trump by 3.2 percent, a number that hovers right in line with the margin of error for the polls behind the average.

The poll cited by his campaign email has Trump up over Clinton by 2 percent, but the margin of error is about 3 percent. Add that to the fact that model after model shows Clinton with an approximately 80 percent chance of winning the presidency and the Trump campaign looks doomed.

Trump’s campaign has come under more intense fire already this election cycle for his emails. Trump previously sent emails to foreign government officials soliciting money — which is against the law.

His rogue emails, ending up in government inboxes around the world, prompted the British government to ponder formal action against the candidate.

On top of that controversy, a major global email provider to the Trump campaign announced this week that it was pulling the rug out from under its services to the Trump campaign, effective immediately.

The reason? The company cited that Trump’s emails ended up in people’s spam folders in over 60 percent of cases.

Trump’s desperation as he watches his campaign struggle is evident.

Featured Image is via David Carroll on Wikimedia Commons, Available Under a Creative Commons License.