BREAKING: Jon Stewart Makes MAJOR Career Announcement – Republicans Are PISSED!


Guess who’s back — and just in time to cover the Cleveland Catastrophe that will be the Republican National Convention next week. Who better than Jon Stewart to cut through all the spin, hype, and hyperbole that is modern American politics, and get right to the pertinent issues?

We’ve all been missing the former host of “The Daily Show” pretty desperately this election season, and now it looks like our anguish may end. We can all breathe a lot easier, because Stewart will be joining CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Monday night, July 18, when the show launches its live convention coverage.

According to CNN Money, Colbert will be performing his late show live during the convention. Although there is no firm announcement as to how Jon Stewart will participate, it’s been confirmed that he will be part of the broadcast.

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CBS has not commented about Stewart’s appearance. What we do know is that Colbert will be hosting two weeks of live shows from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York to cover both the Republican and Democratic National conventions.

CNN Money and Entertainment both report that “The Late Show” has also promised a “presence on site for both conventions.” It would certainly be a triumph if Jon Stewart was that “presence.”

Vulture, who first broke the story of Stewart’s brief return to late-night television comedy, imagines that Stewart may be on location at the convention, serving as a correspondent. But so far, there is no confirmation of what part he’ll play. They’re also willing to admit it could simply be a short cameo by the retired comedian.

Stephen Colbert has been ramping up on the political humor as both conventions fill the horizon with comedy potential. Although both Trump and his opponent, presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, have appeared on Colbert’s late-night talk show couch, Colbert never seems hesitant to satirize the candidates, particularly Donald Trump.

Jon Stewart is an executive producer on “The Late Show,” and has appeared as Colbert’s guest before. Most notable is this hilarious impression of Donald Trump, courtesy of CNN Money, in which Colbert encourages Stewart to:

‘Bring the noise. Bring the Trump.’

Here’s hoping our fearless comedy duo bring the laughs and some much-needed perspective to what has turned out to be an exhausting and disappointing primary season in American politics. It’s pretty clear that we could all use a good laugh right about now.

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