BREAKING: Military Coup EXPLODES IN Turkey, Soldiers Blocking Bridges, Jets Screaming


The Turkish military claims it has overthrown Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in a traditional coup. The army gave a statement to Turkey’s NTV television saying:

‘Power in the country has been seized in its entirety.’

The military claimed the reason for the coup was to “protect democratic order and maintain human rights,” according to Sky News. They consider it their “sacred duty.” This is the fifth time the military has intervened in Turkish politics, since 1960.

The prime minster called for calm, indicating that security forces are resolving the situation. He gave this warning.¬†Any illegal attempt will pay the “highest price.’

All flights have been cancelled to and from the Ataturk airport, and NTV is airing footage of tanks at its entrance. In addition, military vehicles have blocked two bridges in Istanbul, and military jets are flying over Turkey’s capitol in Ankara.

The Greek military has placed its military on alert based upon reports of Turkey’s attempted military coup.

Some of the media has reported that there are ambulances placed in front of Turkey’s military headquarters.

H/T: Sky News.