Donald Trump Stuns Entire Press Conference, Officially Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Murder (QUOTES)


Donald Trump is practically infamous for going on nonsensical rants and making outrageous comments that make little to no sense. But on Saturday, the presumptive Republican nominee outdid even himself when he accused presumptive Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton of murder.

Just days before the Republican National Convention is set to take place, Trump announced that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana will serve as his running mate. The business mogul claims Pence has been his first choice for Vice President since the start.

Before the announcement took place in New York, Trump took to Twitter to break the news of his VP pick by tweeting the following:

During his speech, however, Trump went on a crazy rant that resembled something of Sarah Palin’s verbal diarrhea.

Quick to attack Clinton, Trump spoke to the crowd saying:

‘She’s a corrupt person, and what she’s done with the emails, and what she’s done with other things, and I see the ads up all the time, the ads. She’s totally bought and paid for by Wall Street, the special interests, the lobbyists. One hundred percent. She’s crooked Hillary. And I think that’s why she got away with murder.’

Trump’s choosing of Pence as VP has been somewhat of a disaster in itself. Pence didn’t even come on stage as The Donald recited his speech, which made it pretty obvious Trump plans to be the star of the show.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Trump’s selection of Pence for his running mate is a bid to win over Midwestern voters and the party’s conservative base. Clearly, the Governor of Indiana is merely a sideshow and a safe bet to urge uncertain Republicans to vote for the unruly nominee.

Trump’s announcement of Pence proved to be yet another disorganized mess with Trump using every opportunity possible to attack Clinton. Instead of focusing on Pence and the Republican Party, Trump turned the announcement into The Donald Trump Show.

Watch the clip below, via YouTube:

So there you have it. The Donald has outdone even himself – and that’s saying something!

Feature Image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, available under a Creative Commons license 2.0.