GOP Delegate Calls For The Murder Of Hillary Clinton In Washington DC (DETAILS)


West Virginia Republican Delegate Michael Folk recently attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter, and the internet is not responding well.

Folk, who was first elected in 2012 and also works as a pilot for Continental Airlines/United Airlines, posted this tweet on July 15:

Folk received plenty of backlash on Twitter, and he responded to many of the comments from those who found threatening Hillary Clinton’s life to be in poor taste. Rather than trying to engage in meaningful debate with those who objected to his post, though, Folk primarily focused on policing the commenters’ grammar.

In addition to many more angry responses on Twitter, Folk also received a more formal response from the West Virginia Democratic Party. WVDP Chair Belinda Biafore said in a statement:

‘Not only are Delegate Folk’s words concerning, they are disturbing. The mention of hanging and implication of murder should never, ever be acceptable. To think that a person in a leadership position in our state can say these types of things is baffling and should not be tolerated.’

She continued:

‘Folk’s actions should deem him as unfit to serve and Speaker Tim Armstead should take action if Folk doesn’t resign. It makes me very worrisome for the people of West Virginia that someone who can feel this type of hate and use this type of rhetoric is in any position of power.’

On Twitter, Folk claimed that he was not threatening Clinton, but was simply making a suggestion of prosecution.

It seems his excuse is not enough to keep him from being taken seriously, however. According to WOAY, Folk is currently the subject of an official FBI investigation for threatening a Presidential candidate.

Even with claims that he was simply making a suggestion, Folk must remember that, as a public figure, his words have consequences. The West Virginia Democratic Party said it best in their press release:

‘As an elected official, Delegate Folk should be held to high standards and should not get away with such careless and hateful rhetoric. Such rhetoric has been on the rise within the Republican Party on a state and national level and has become increasingly dangerous.’

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