GOP Delegate Receives This DISTURBING Death Threat From Trump Supporter (DETAILS)


A Trump supporter says that an anti-Trump delegate should be “hung for treason” because she did not back the billionaire. That’s a little rough, but the New York co-chair to Trump’s campaign, Carl Paladino, was hopping mad.

Anti-Trump Utah GOP delegate Stefani Williams sent an open letter to “Renew America,” a conservative grassroots organization, explaining her concerns about Trump. She even went a step further, urging people to “dump Trump.”

Paladino, who is blindly smitten by the orange man’s charisma and transparent promises, blasted Williams with a blistering email on Saturday for opposing the presumptive nominee:

‘You should be hung for treason Stefani. There will not be a Republican Party if you attempt to replace Trump. I’ll be in your face in Cleveland.’

In a written statement to CNN, the co-chair stood behind his email, indicating that he didn’t mean anything by his threat to hang Williams. He said it was just a “colloquialism,” or a local expression:

‘What the person was proposing is to encourage violation of the rules of the Republican Party under which Donald Trump rose legally to be the presumptive candidate.’

‘The person is being treacherous to the party in doing so and as such the colloquialism is appropriate.’

Then the co-chair went on to bury Williams in common expressions. He wrote that if the delegate’s:

‘…underwear is all bunched up then tell the person if he or she can’t take the heat of what he or she dished out, then get out of the kitchen.’

Paladino may have a fair degree of anger left over from losing when he ran on the Republican ticket for the governor job in 2010. Unfortunately, he isn’t the only Trump supporter threatening delegates.

Paladino latched onto Trump right away, becoming one of his most outspoken supporters. But not everyone is fond of Paladino, either.

A group of Republican delegates and big names tried to deny Trump the GOP nomination before the big convention next week, but they failed. In a late RNC Rules Committee meeting on Thursday, the committee roundly defeated them.

The Trump-designed convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, assuming the somewhat tentative speakers do not back out.

The isn’t the first time Paladino was caught spreading hate, either. Earlier this month, the New York businessman tweeted a suggestion that Republicans lynch Attorney General Loretta Lynch. That tweet has since disappeared.

The co-chair says he does not publish his tweets himself and that the post was simply a “well-intended mistake.” He said that a member of his staff used the Attorney General’s last name “Lynch,” changed the tweet to address @LorettaLynch, and just forgot to delete her last name.

Yeah, right.

It may be one for all, maybe, but it most certainly is not all for the orange one.

Featured Image: Sheryl J. Thomas, Creative Commons License.
H/T: The Blaze.