JUST IN: #BatonRouge Shooting Was Not Racially Motivated, Gunfight Erupted BEFORE Police Arrived Says Witness


In the wake of the Baton Rouge police shooting, many have assumed that, like the previous police shootings in Dallas, it was racially motivated. However, a witness has come forward with new information that casts doubt on that narrative. The witness says that guns were being fired before the police ever arrived on the scene.

Brady Vancel told WAFB that the shooting started before the police ever appeared:

‘There was multiple gunshots going back and forth and back and forth before any police ever showed up. This was not a come-at-police situation. They weren’t targeting police at first, I don’t assume so, because these were men out here shooting at each other in an empty parking lot until the police showed and then it turned into a gun battle, I’m guessing to try to get themselves free or get out of the situation.’

We’ll have more updates on this story as it continues to develop, but so far it appears that this was not an anti-police shooting and had more to do with the result of easy access to firearms.