JUST IN: Stephen Colbert RUSHES Stage At GOP Convention, RUTHLESSLY Mocks Trump (VIDEO)


Oh wow, Stephen Colbert grabbed the Republican’s Convention stage, wearing only his neon-blue wig and eyebrows, and his judge’s costume. The day before the Republican delegates show up in Cleveland, the host of the “Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert” released his brilliant Hungry-For-Power Games character in a genius promo.

Okay, so it wasn’t real, but who cares? We want to believe it, and in the Republican world, which tilts crazy, that is all that matters.

Clearly a Democrat, Colbert has already roasted the Republicans to a nice medium-rare on his show. But Sunday he broke out on the RNC stage to gavel in the RNC’s convention. He was mocking Donald Trump and the baby-new vice presidential hopeful, Mike Pence, and mocking the character that plays on “The Hunger Games” Ned Stark.”

Then, the RNC security grabbed Colbert and ushered him away from the podium and down the steps, but he will be back. He says, he will be there:

‘Think of it as the RNC after party.’

The TV host recently announced that he would bring John Stewart back from the living dead to cover the Republican National Convention with him, too!

And for an encore, the dynamic duo will also cover the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, starting a week from Monday.

Expect the RNC to be prickly, argumentative, belligerent, hot-blooded, and quarrelsome. And that is only on the stage. The crowd inside may mutiny as tempers flare. After all, the #NeverTrump bunch, all Republicans, has planned block Trump’s nomination in any way they can.

That special group of Republicans has decided to try to wrest away the nomination and have scoured the RNC rules book to figure out their strategy. After all, the #NeverTrump bunch is a pretty smart group of guys.

On his TV show, Colbert bid goodbye to each of the political candidates as they dropped out of the race, in a gaudy display on the dome of his show’s set and the appropriate music back-dropping the loss. Last week, he let Bernie Sanders go.

The comedian says this about his character:’

‘[He’s] another man who forced himself to endure a coronation in hopes of healing a rift.’

He mocks the privileged at every opportunity:

‘We, the elite.’

Then he ate caviar, which he doesn’t like, and forced it down with wine:

‘The word ‘salty’ is just the tip of the iceberg, friends.’

Check out the amazing Colbert in action at the “RNC:”

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