Paul Ryan Gets CRUSHED Online For This Picture Of His Interns, Can You Guess Why? (IMAGE)


On Saturday, Paul Ryan proudly posted the following picture on his Instagram page, boasting that it contained a record number of Capitol Hill interns.

Ryan may have misheard Donald Trump’s motto when he finally broke down and endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee back in June. Maybe the Speaker of the House thought The Donald said, “Make America White Again.”

Although most of the interns look reasonably happy and seem to be under no obvious distress, something just isn’t quite right with this picture. Something is missing, and the vast, ever-discerning, and sharp-eyed internet world isn’t letting it pass without comment. After all, Ryan’s picture of GOP interns simply pales in comparison with a real picture of American diversity.

A few favorite responses include the following pointed comments directly on the Speaker’s post:

ral1329L: Looks more like a recruitment drive for the KKK.

Pixelbuzzsaw: Gee, that’s ***MIGHTY WHITE*** of you Ryan!

Even Esquire called out the House Speaker on the monochrome theme of this intern pool.

With all the fear, chaos, and violence in the news these days, much of it caused by ethnic tensions and divisions, the internet could not pass up a chance to both admonish and mock the Speaker.

Author Luvvie Ajayi is concerned for her eye health after viewing the post:

Others likened the search for some racial diversity in the image to the “Where’s Waldo” books. Director and “Empire” screenwriter Eric Haywood said he enjoyed Ryan’s little treasure hunt puzzle.

Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel Morris Davis seemed most impressed by the broad range of Caucasian skin tones in Ryan’s intern pool:

MTV host Susie Meister posted:

But one Twitter commentator thinks the crowd is being too tough on the Republican Speaker:

Not to be left out, Facebook denizens joined in on the hijinks as well, with the Democratic 50 States of Blue Facebook page making this comparison:

‘Paul Ryan’s House intern selfie group was whiter than a Ted Talk on Wes Anderson movies staged at a microbrewery.’

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Internet mocks House Speaker

And this Twitter post pretty much summed it up:

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