15-Year Old Shot DEAD By ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ After Knocking On Wrong Door (DETAILS)


A Massachusetts 15-year-old, Dylan Francisco, has died after being shot in the abdomen by 42-year-old Jeffery Lovell. The 15-year-old’s name was released Monday afternoon, following notification of all available members of his family.

According to Massachusetts authorities, the boy and a friend had been drinking late Friday night at a friend’s house. They attempted to make their way to another friend’s house, when instead, they arrived at Lovell’s front door.

Francisco, apparently intoxicated, knocked repeatedly at Lovell’s front door.

James Leydon, spokesman for Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni, told media what happened next:

‘When a pane of glass broke, the suspect fired a single shot, striking the victim.’

Lovell, who had “tried to communicate with the victim” prior to the shooting, didn’t call the police after shooting Francisco. Instead, he left the 15-year-old for dead, calling to report a “breaking and entering.”

Police arrived and found the teenager bleeding out on Lovell’s front porch. They immediately began providing emergency medical treatment, rushing him to the hospital, according to Michael Wilk, public information officer for the Chicopee, Massachusetts Police Department.

According to Wilk, Francisco died at the hospital.

Wilk told local media, speaking on behalf of the police department:

‘We offer our condolences and sympathies to the family.’

The District Attorney himself also spoke about the incident:

‘This was a tragic and avoidable incident that resulted in a young man losing his life. My sympathy and thoughts are with the victim’s family and his friends.’

In yet another instance of gruesome backfiring, MassLive.com notes at the end of their report on the shooting:

‘On his Facebook page, Lovell has a picture of him aiming a gun as the main picture. He also has posted several things supporting the Second Amendment.’

“Gun rights” and the Second Amendment have quickly taken the place as the most talked about and polarizing issue in the United States today.

The conflict is clear in this case. Certainly the shooter is safe — in jail. The 15-year-old Dylan Francisco is dead.

The question is whether one is willing to sacrifice lives for a feeling of “safety.” For most of those on the right, the answer comes immediately: “Yes.”

Monday afternoon, the total number of gun deaths in the United States, as tallied by the Gun Violence Archive, hit 7,500. So far this year, there have been 1,629 gun violence incidents resulting in death or injury of a teenager aged 12 through 17-years-old.

Francisco’s cousin, Diane, has set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for the teenager’s funeral.

She wrote on the page:

‘My 15 year old cousin was taken from us too soon, due to an act of gun violence. I’m asking for help so his mom can give him the proper burial that he deserves. Dylan was an awesome kid who didn’t deserve this. He leaves…a lot of family and friends that love him and will miss him deeply.’

MassLive.com reports that Dylan left “his mother, Heather Francisco and two brothers and a sister, who attend middle school, elementary and preschool in Chicopee, [Massachusetts].”

Featured Image is via Dylan Francisco’s Facebook page, as collected by MassLive.com.