Fox News Host INFURIATES Audience, GOES OFF On Bobby Jindal For Saying ‘All Lives Matter (VIDEO)


Shepard Smith spoke with Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal about the tragedy in Baton Rouge yesterday in which six police officers were shot and three died. Instead of focusing on the tragedy, which no reports confirm had anything at all to do with the Black Lives Matter movement, Jindal instantly reverted into right-wing “All Lives Matter” rhetoric.

“We’ve gotta say that all lives matter, it doesn’t matter what color you are, black – white, brown, red – It doesn’t matter, all lives matter. We’ve got to protect and value our policemen.”

Smith took him to task for using this inflammatory speech that erases the specific issues faced by people of color in interactions with police and misrepresents the movement.

“Governor, you know that that phrase you just used is one that’s seen by many as derogatory, right? and i just wonder why is it that you use that phrase when there’s a certain segment of the population that believes it’s a real dig on them.”

It’s actually worse than “a dig” when Jindal used the phrase “All Lives Matter” in this context. The shooters in both Baton Rouge and Dallas who targeted police had absolutely no confirmed connections with the Black Lives Matter movement, nor should Black Lives Matter activists be associated with or blamed for these shootings. Their focus is holding police accountable for their actions, not retaliating with more violence.

Right wingers on Twitter, however, instantly went into freak out mode over Smith’s question of Jindal’s use of the phrase.

Nice sentiment, empty words. If you weren’t outraged by the senseless taking of black lives by police that necessitated a movement to bring awareness to the issue, don’t pretend you’re concerned with “all lives” now.

Why is this always the response. No one said they were “more mad,” just that both are valid and only the Black Lives Matter movement is addressing the issue they do.

Insisting that the lives being disproportionately taken by those sworn to protect and serve those lives is racist, you know. In fact, anything that doesn’t specifically include white people…that’s racist.

Well, no, he simply asked Jindal a tough question. Treating people like criminals and lynching innocent men is what happened to inspire the Black Lives Matter movement.

Yet, none of the people complaining about Shep Smith seemed to mind that this was happening back then, which is exactly why the phrase “Black Lives Matter” was used, because it’s clear, historically, that those lives DIDN’T matter.

Get it now?

Featured image screengrab via YouTube